Standing with the World Next Door

The wonderfully astute Kate Heartfield has a post at the moment on her blog the World Next Door about Stand's Speak the Name campaign and the importance of making Darfur an election issue.

As most of you know, Speak the Name works by rewarding politicians who mention Darfur or Sudan in their campaign. We give them free publicity and possibly even volunteers.

Check it out and check out some of her other posts as well. Leave her a note - Thank her for talking about Darfur. It seems to me that Canadians really need to start a coherent debate about our place in the world, and kudos to Kate for picking up the challenge.

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Jackie said...

Kate has added a "Part II" to her Darfur post. It includes the transcript of her conversation with Green candidate Ben Hoffman, who was involved with the North-South peace process in Sudan. Check it out.