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Darfur must remain a Canadian foreign policy priority

Darfur must remain a Canadian foreign policy priority

February 16, 2009

Dear friends,

Your action is needed.

Recent violence in the South Darfur town of Muhajiriya is a sobering reminder that the cycle of violence in Darfur continues. In early February, fighting for control of Muhajiriya displaced 30,000 and left 30 dead. A peace agreement is desperately needed in Darfur so that the violence can end and people will be safe.

On January 26th, the Canadian government set its agenda in the Speech from the Throne. Focusing almost entirely on the economic crisis, there was no mention of ongoing foreign affairs priorities, or of Canada's commitments in Sudan. At a critical time for peace and security in Darfur, and when Canada has been an indispensable supporter of peace, security and relief in the region, we must ensure that Canada does not turn away.

Take action: tell Prime Minister Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister Cannon that Sudan must remain a foreign policy priority.

Canada must:

1. Continue to make Sudan, including Darfur, a foreign policy priority;
2. Increase support to the neglected Darfur peace process, which is the key to ending violence in the region; and
3. Assign a special Canadian government representative to Sudan to ensure that policy in Sudan is well-informed and coordinated and that decision-makers have access to relevant and timely information from the ground.

Please take one minute to take action today.


Tara Tavender
Executive Director
Save Darfur Canada

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