Help Alleviate the Suffering

This is a letter from a prominent Sudanese human rights defender.

Service to God is Service to Humanity

To: Every kind and loving heart, to help alleviate the suffering of people
through peace and Justice

I am born of Darfur soil. I am Darfurian and I am a Sudanese human rights
defender. I am a humanitarian aid worker with 4 years of experience, having worked in
South and West Darfur with Internally Displace Persons (IDPs) providing water,
medicine, food and shelter.

Since I came to the US five months ago, I have been asking for help with addressing
the needs of IDPs. In over 25 events and 30 meetings, I share with my audiences my
views about the current situation of IDPs; how IDPs lack essential services and security and how their suffering is vast.

I am now writing to you because of the current actions by the Government of
Sudan (GoS). The GoS has unjustly closed 13 non-governmental Organizations NGOs
working in Darfur who have been assisting 3,000,000 IDPs over the past six years. IDPs
depend 100% on these NGOs for the provision of basic life-saving services. To perhaps
better understand the severe negative impact the Government of Sudan has had on the
lives of these people with the closing of these NGOs, try to imagine the following:

• Imagine you do not have food when you are hungry!
• Imagine you do not have water when you are thirsty!
• Imagine you do not have access to medicine when you are sick!
• Imagine you do not have shelter when it is raining!

These are the conditions the 3,000,000 IDPs and affected populations remain in, that
these 13 NGOs were forced to leave behind. 70% of the IDPs constitute women, children,
the elderly, and the disabled. Imagine what will happen when the rains come in 4
months? This will absolutely lead to a state of further crisis.

When a Government, that is intended to protect and serve its people, instead punishes
them by denying them food, water, and health care.... is that not inhumane? If so, is that not, a crime against humanity? If so, are you going to stand by and allow that to happen with out taking action? If not, then take action by:

• Sending a letter to the UN Security Council to take urgent and
immediate action to help those suffering people and eliminate Article 16. Let the Humanitarian Affairs take over the intervention in Darfur
• Sending a letter to the Chinese mission at the UN and the Chinese
Embassy to act responsibly and humanely
• Encouraging the Government of Sudan to act responsibly and
mercifully toward its people and rescind their decision to closing NGOs
in Darfur
• Writing to the African mission at the UN, as well as their respective
Embassies to get involved with ending directorship on their continent
• letting human rights organizations the freedom to monitor human
rights violations more closely
• Raising money and launching food-drops, if necessary

With best wishes for Justice and Peace,

A Sudanese human rights defender

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